ATX Tax Hosting

ATX is a valuable accounting tool, popular among money-managers and accounting professionals. We aim to help you get the most out of ATX, offering safe, secure and flexible hosting services.

We offer ATX Tax Hosting services, accessible anywhere from your desktop or mobile device. Our secure data services are designed to save you time and money, providing you with the highest quality hosting experience. Safe and secure, our flexible ATX Tax Hosting services are offered at the cheapest rates available.

  • Do you need cloud-hosting?
  • Are you an entrepreneur, money-manager, or accounting professional?
  • Do you use ATX to conduct business?
  • Do you use ATX for keep track inventory?
  • How much time do you waste sending e-mails and waiting for replies?
  • Would you prefer remote-access capabilities for your entire team ?

Our ATX Cloud Hosting Package is your solution



Easy Installation

Our ATX Hosting Solutions allow you to access ATX software via high-speed internet connection and free you from the burden of storing software on your desktop.

Easy to Use

Let us handle the complexities. Elucentra provides you with a simple, user-friendly inter-face, perfect for handling tax preparation.

Access Anywhere

With Elucentra, clients can use ATX from anywhere in the world, anytime of day. Our remote-access platform enables team members to access and edit data simultaneously, allowing for seamless collaboration and maximum productivity. All services are available via desktop or mobile device.

Integration with other Systems

Our ATX Cloud Hosting Solutions are easily-integrated with QuickBooks and Peachtree Tax Software. All ATX services integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office, allowing clients the ability to import and export data, hassle-free.

Dependable Support

We provide all clients access to free 24/7 technical support. Our certified technical sup-port team can be reached by phone or web to answer any and all questions.


Elucentra promises 99.9% uptime, dependable hosting services when you need them.
We can guarantee that there is no high-quality cloud solutions hosting service than ours.


Using high-performance servers, we provide safety and security for all your financial da-ta. We guarantee secure storage at the lowest rates available.

Cheapest ATX Hosting Anywhere

Our clients benefit from the lowest ATX hosting price on the market. Subscribers receive FREE installation, FREE software upgrades, and FREE scalability.

Stop worrying about software updates and the security of your data! Try Elucentra FREE and experience the difference.